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The Die is Cast is an adventurous story about the supposed identity and whereabouts of the Dish of Christ. This is the first book in the Lady Jane and the Last Supper Dish Series that sets the wheels in motion for four different stories to collide, each centred around revealing the truth about the Christ’s Last Supper Dish.

This quest is filled with mystery and intrigue, using history, myth and imagination. I found the plot very well written, the book, in the prologue the atmosphere of panic and loss of hope during the fall of Constantinople is well conveyed, and also sets up the mystery to be investigated in the modern narratives. I liked this layout, letting the reader in on parts of what really happened before being introduced to the characters that will be involved in investigating.

Each storyline comes with its own motive, with the Dish of Christ meaning something different to each of the characters. Ray Cozart and Natalie Ashbrook, are looking for a way to revitalise their careers and their relationship. Jane Whitaker loves adventure and in her search must face her family’s problems. Professor Adam Burke looks for academic acclaim and a way to get ahead of a rival. The Order of Andronicus, the descendent of the original Keepers must overcome their centuries of resent and work quickly to protect their secrets from others, as some within their own ranks seek to sabotage their efforts.

A grand quest filled with adventure, twists and humour travels alongside multiple storylines about people. This is a story about traditions, relationships, families and how private resentments can hold you back as much as it is about the hunt for a sacred relic. I liked the multi-faceted nature of the narrative and getting to know all of the characters. This is a well written story to sink into and enjoy and I look forward to seeing what’s to come in the rest of the series.

The Die Is Cast is a superb opening in the Lady Jane and the Last Supper Dish series by Heights and Woodhouse, a story that features adventure, mystery, and high-scale intrigue, with strong religious and love themes. The discovery of a shrine in Istanbul sets the stage for the drama between the powerful church organizations who want to prove their monopoly of the truth. Ray Cozart and Natalie Ashbrook are filmmakers who have weathered the storms in their rocky relationship. Jane Whitaker is a retail heiress who wants to unveil the truth about the shrine and she brings along the archeologist Adam Burke. These characters are determined to go to any lengths to uncover the truth about the Dish of Christ, but the Order of Andronicus, a secret society, will do everything it can to conceal the truth and keep history buried from prying eyes.

The ingenuity when it comes to character development and storytelling skills is exemplified in this first entry in a series that will, undoubtedly, blow the minds of readers. Heights and Woodhouse combine action and mystery with complex, sophisticated characters to weave a yarn that is spellbinding, keeping readers focused on the pages as they follow the drama unfolding in the narrative. The premise is strong and the authors use it to pull the readers in, then the skillful handling of motivation moves the story forward as the characters pursue their singular interests. The humor is strong, at times biting, and it allows a better appreciation of characters that are robust and that evolve as the plot moves forward. The Die Is Cast is balanced, rich in character, and deftly crafted. It had me racing through the pages. -Christian Sia, Readers’ Favorite

The Die Is Cast is the first book in Lady Jane and the Last Supper Dish by Heights and Woodhouse, featuring an array of unforgettable characters and an adventure of a lifetime. What if the dish from which Jesus and his disciples ate the last supper still exists? Well, it does in this book. The discovery of a shrine that contains the truth about the Last Supper Dish in Istanbul sets in motion a cast of interesting characters with strong backgrounds, including filmmakers Ray Cozart and Natalie Ashbrook, Jane Witaker, a retail heiress, and archeologist Adam Burke. As these characters set out with different motives to unearth one of the hidden truths in history, an ancient order with a dark secret, the Order of Andronicus, is determined to thwart their path and keep the truth hidden. But there is a traitor in their ranks whose card will determine the outcome of this deadly game.

This is a spellbinding story with a twisty plot; it is packed with surprises. The cast of characters includes the Pope, cardinals, bishops, medieval monks, television professionals, and many others. Characters like Anthimos and Tobias are very symbolic and Heights and Woodhouse write such characters to represent a world they belong to and a belief system. The writing is impeccable, at times lyrical, filled with dramatic scenes that transform the story into a real page-turner. The conflict is phenomenal, growing in proportion through each page and escalating to characters dying for the truth or the lie. The descriptive nature of the writing conjures up strong images of the settings. The Die Is Cast is a pulse-quickening and brain-teasing adventure that is never lacking in surprises, melding spiritual themes with romance, and pulling readers into a boisterous adventure that leaves them inebriated with entertainment. -Divine Zape, Readers’ Favorite

In The Die Is Cast, the first book in the Lady Jane and the Last Supper Dish series, Heights and Woodhouse deliver a daring thriller that measures up to the storytelling craft and the deft plotting of Dan Brown when it comes to weaving mystery into the story. What happens when a cast of interesting characters learns that the Last Supper Dish could be hidden in a shrine in Istanbul? An heiress without the knowledge of her mother’s whereabouts, two filmmakers, and an archeologist are on an adventure to unearth the truth, each of them with a unique motive. A slew of other interesting, robust, and elaborately developed characters like prelates of the Church — from monks to bishops, cardinals, and the Pope — are involved in the conspiracy, an adventure that includes romance and death, and an ancient secret society with a unique mission. It is sturdy and solid!

This novel is cleverly plotted and the narrative voice is infused with a rare sense of humor; there is a quirkiness in character development that elevates the story and makes readers stick with them. Heights and Woodhouse create an original tale around something that should be one of the most important artifacts in history, the Last Supper Dish, and introduce not only interesting characters but plot twists that no one could have anticipated. Characters like Ray Cozart and Natalie Ashbrook, Jane Whitaker and archaeologist Adam Burke are skillfully written, fully drawn, and believable. The intrigue is juicy, the suspense intoxicating, and the religious and artistic world that the characters navigate is so impeccably rendered that any reader will feel as though they were part of its décor. The Die Is Cast features the art of storytelling at its best, with detailed settings, a world infused with religious conflict, and characters that are unforgettable. -Romuald Dzemo, Readers’ Favorite