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Who will have the last laugh?

A shrine has been unearthed that legend says holds the sacred Last Supper Dish. That’s great except for one snag—the Vatican Museum has displayed the Dish for centuries. So, is the Dish lost or found?

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“This is a story about traditions, relationships, families and how private resentments can hold you back as much as it is about the hunt for a sacred relic. I liked the multi-faceted nature of the narrative and getting to know all of the characters. I look forward to seeing what’s to come in the rest of the series.”


“The humor is strong . . . and it allows a better appreciation of characters that are robust and that evolve as the plot moves forward.” -Christian Sia, Readers’ Favorite

“This is a spellbinding story with a twisty plot; it is packed with surprises.” -Divine Zape, Readers’ Favorite

“This novel is cleverly plotted and the narrative voice is infused with a rare sense of humor; there is a quirkiness in character development that elevates the story” -Romuald Dzemo, Readers’ Favorite

The World of Dishing Awaits. . .

Believers in the legend of the lost Dish blog about the shrine on social media. The international Disher movement demands the Dish’s discovery. For truth and justice! And big entertainment! In this world where an ancient religious quarrel has gone viral, problems quickly arise:

Adam Burke leads the shrine’s excavation. His paranoia over his Dish-denying rivals might bury him. So might schemers, spies, and city bureaucrats.

Filmmakers Ray Cozart and Natalie Ashbrook want to cash in on the Dishing craze. But an old squabble over a toy 8 Ball is driving them crazy—and it’s turning their film into a farce.

Retail heiress and Dishing influencer Jane Whitaker thinks she’s found a clue to the lost Dish. Her Nana thinks she doesn’t have a clue and plots to separate Jane from her Dishing obsession.

A Secret Order of clerics deviously design to thwart Burke’s excavation. As a bold first step, they pass a motion to infiltrate an art exhibition.

Discover the world of Dishing where both bishops and best friends get to bickering, where nothing is as it seems, and everything is a scheme!

In The Die Is Cast, Heights & Woodhouse blend the absurdity of P.G. Wodehouse and Chris Moore with the parody of Terry Pratchett, while whisking in a pinch of poignancy and a dash of treachery for a delectable first dish in the Lady Jane series.

Our characters rave about The Die Is Cast!

I loved it! Really exciting! One of my favorite novels. That Lady Xenia is something else—wait, what? I thought you were asking me about Steve Finder’s Bucky Browne and the Cave of All Fears . . . no, I’ve never heard of this Lady Jane character.

Pope Boniface X

Just more of the Pope’s propaganda promoting his fake bowl! One day, the real Last Supper Dish will be found, and Dishers worldwide will have the last laugh!

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