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Heights and Woodhouse had the audacity to cut scenes from my novels and paste them into their book! That’s copyright infringement. Those two will be hearing from my lawyers soon.

Steve Finder, author of the bestselling Bucky Browne adventure series

Adventure is their destiny! A filmmaking couple with a tragic romance. An heiress with a missing mother. An archaeologist with a burning grudge. An ancient order with a dark secret. Each is drawn into a quest for the fabled Last Supper Dish. But will finding it fulfill their true dreams?

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“A grand quest filled with adventure, twists and humour travels alongside multiple storylines. . . . This is a story about traditions, relationships, families and how private resentments can hold you back as much as it is about the hunt for a sacred relic. This is a well-written story to sink into and enjoy”


The Die Is Cast is balanced, rich in character, and deftly crafted. It had me racing through the pages.” -Christian Sia, Readers’ Favorite

“The writing is impeccable, at times lyrical, filled with dramatic scenes that transform the story into a real page-turner.” -Divine Zape, Readers’ Favorite

The Die Is Cast features the art of storytelling at its best, with detailed settings. . . and characters that are unforgettable.” -Romuald Dzemo, Readers’ Favorite

The Game Begins. . .

For centuries, the Vatican has claimed to possess the Dish of Christ. But history in the East tells a different tale—of four Byzantine monks called the Keepers who tricked the crusaders into taking a dog bowl back to Rome. Now, the discovery of a shrine in Istanbul could reveal where the Keepers hid the Dish.

Four stories wrecked by betrayal. Four dreams to reshape destiny. The game begins. Who will win? Who will lose? Fates will be decided with the cast of a die.

Enter Ray Cozart and Natalie Ashbrook, has-been filmmakers wanting to revive their careers—and their love. Filming a real-life adventure may solve both problems, but only if they have the courage to dig up their past. Enter Jane Whitaker, a motherless rich girl obsessed with Bucky Browne adventure novels and her emotional support dog. She hopes to fix the world’s messes, but in her search for the Dish, she must first face her messed-up family. Enter Professor Adam Burke. If he finds the true Dish, then he’ll unseat his academic rival and gain the respect he desires. But his search has hit a wall, and bureaucratic wrangling might bury his dream if he fails to align the clues in time. Enter the Order of Andronicus, heirs to the Keepers. For 800 years, these clerics have kept the Dish’s secrets, but they have degenerated into a supper club nurturing their ancient spite. Ill-prepared to protect their turf, they must scramble to form a plan. But a malcontent among them is bent on sabotage and revenge.

In this first novel of the Lady Jane and the Last Supper Dish series, Heights and Woodhouse set four stories on a collision course. With poignancy and humor, they explore the power of the past to shape the future, and the power of private resentments to shadow our best intentions.

Our characters rave about The Die Is Cast!

Omigod, there was a love story? Really? Because, like, all I remember was my cameo appearance. Which was totally a-maa-zing. So entertaining! The best cameo, like, EVER!

Kitty Lightly, host of Entertainment Now

I loved it! Really exciting! One of my favorite novels. That Lady Xenia is something else—wait, what? I thought you were asking me about Steve Finder’s Bucky Browne and the Cave of All Fears . . . no, I’ve never heard of this Lady Jane character.

Pope Boniface X

Just another vile Catholic propaganda piece. Just more of the Pope’s fake news, smearing the integrity of the Orthodox Church. One day, the Last Supper Dish will be found, and the world will know the lies of the Vatican!

Jimi Bowler, blogger for

Whitaker Corporation, America’s premier retailer, denies any involvement with the incidents portrayed in this novel. We have no further comment.

Patricia Whitaker, founder and CEO of Whitaker Corporation

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