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Adventure is their destiny!

A filmmaking couple with a tragic romance. An heiress with a missing mother. An archaeologist with a burning grudge. An ancient order with a dark secret. Each is drawn into a quest for the fabled Last Supper Dish. But will finding it fulfill their true dreams?

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“A grand quest filled with adventure, twists and humour travels alongside multiple storylines. . . . This is a story about traditions, relationships, families and how private resentments can hold you back as much as it is about the hunt for a sacred relic. This is a well-written story to sink into and enjoy”


The Die Is Cast is balanced, rich in character, and deftly crafted. It had me racing through the pages.” -Christian Sia, Readers’ Favorite

“The writing is impeccable, at times lyrical, filled with dramatic scenes that transform the story into a real page-turner.” -Divine Zape, Readers’ Favorite

The Die Is Cast features the art of storytelling at its best, with detailed settings. . . and characters that are unforgettable.” -Romuald Dzemo, Readers’ Favorite

The Game Begins. . .

Everyone imagines being the hero in an adventure story. But what if you were suddenly caught up in one? Could you act the hero? What if your actions cast you as the betrayer? Maybe the difference between the two is a bit . . . murky.

Filmmakers Ray Cozart and Natalie Ashbrook want to be lovers in a passionate romance.
Retail heiress Jane Whitaker wants to be the foremost crusader for global justice.
Archaeologist Adam Burke wants to be the scholar who unlocks the greatest mystery.
An ancient order of monks hiding a centuries’ old secret—well, they want to be an ancient order, thank you very much.

All are drawn into a quest for the fabled Last Supper Dish. All believe finding it will turn them into heroes. The Dish is at the center of an ancient game of Churches. Both East and West claim to possess it. Both label the other a betrayer. The discovery of a shrine in Istanbul has reignited the bitter rivalry.

Ray and Natalie believe their Dish movie documenting the shrine’s discovery will save their relationship, but their petty resentments turn everything into farce. Jane travels the globe with her bedraggled emotional support dog and posts selfies of her attempts to find the Dish, but her grandmother demands she grow up. At the shrine, Burke is so close to the Dish, but bureaucratic red tape stymies him. His paranoia over his academic rival blinds him to a much closer threat. And those monks? They devise a desperate plan to steal the clues about the Dish’s whereabouts from the shrine. However, one has decided to betray them—or has he decided to be the true hero?

This game is for the ultimate prize—a relic touched by both Jesus and Judas the betrayer. But when the die is cast, treacheries threaten to derail this adventure story—even before it can begin.

Trigger warning: This series dramatizes the search for authenticity. Book One is not an earnestly narrated story where everything wraps up neatly. This story contains irony. If you rarely smile at human foibles and absurdities, then perhaps this book is not for you. But if you love your heroes flawed, self-deceived, even a bit silly, then join the quest for the Last Supper Dish!

Our characters rave about The Die Is Cast!

Omigod, there was a love story? Really? Because, like, all I remember was my cameo appearance. Which was totally a-maa-zing. So entertaining! The best cameo, like, EVER!

Kitty Lightly, host of Entertainment Now

I loved it! Really exciting! One of my favorite novels. That Lady Xenia is something else—wait, what? I thought you were asking me about Steve Finder’s Bucky Browne and the Cave of All Fears . . . no, I’ve never heard of this Lady Jane character.

Pope Boniface X

Just another vile Catholic propaganda piece. Just more of the Pope’s fake news, smearing the integrity of the Orthodox Church. One day, the Last Supper Dish will be found, and the world will know the lies of the Vatican!

Jimi Bowler, blogger for

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Patricia Whitaker, founder and CEO of Whitaker Corporation

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